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Get Ready...

for a challenge that will take you deeper 

with Christ.

Why study the bible?

Image by Rachel Strong

The Bible is transformative and is one of the primary places that you can meet God. This Bible challenge is not the entire journey, but simply a tool to help ignite your soul. The passages you read are centered around who God is, what He says about us, and what He expects of us. It is my hope that you move from a place of reading a book of scripture just to read it, to a place where you yearn to spend time in the living word of God.

To understand the mind of God and to be made whole in Him (2 Timothy 3:16 -17)

For instruction and to receive hope (Romans 15:4)

To guide you on the path of life and to steer you away from sin (Psalm 119:9,11,


To help fight against darkness and spiritual enemies

(Ephesians 6:11,12,


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