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24 Lessons I Learned by 24

Hola Amores!

If you don't know already, I turned 24 last week!! This year, my birthday was both a reflective one and a freeing one.

I thought it'd be a great idea to just share a few things that came to mind, as I thought about some of the lessons I've learned. Not every lesson learned was learned the hard way, BUT most of them were jaja.

Hopefully, some of the lessons I share resonate with you. If they do, give this post a like. If there's something I mention that you also learned the hard way, don't worry I won 't leave you out -- you can go ahead and give this post a like too 😉

24 Things I've Learned in My 24 Years:

1. Just because they are white, doesn’t mean that they are automatically better than you. Periodt.

2. You can’t make big decisions based off feelings — feelings change.

3. A big part of adulting is doing things even when you don’t necessarily feel like doing them.

4. People only have the power you give them.

5. Pay attention to both words and actions. Words can be lies, but actions can also be misinterpreted.

6. God will handle the people who do you wrong. You need not do anything except relax and get your life.

7. There are times when a person’s negative behavior towards you has more to do with them than it does you.

8. Friendship is not defined by length of time known, but by quality of relationship.

9. You should learn to love yourself before entering a romantic relationship.

10. Not every relationship (romantic or platonic) needs to end with a bridge burned.

11. You won’t be successful with a black and white mindset.

12. God never fails!

13. Your parents see things in your friends way before you see them. If your parents think you should drop a friend (barring your parents lacking sense, being untrustworthy, or are psych/sociopaths) you prob should.

Cuban Pete's is my favorite restaurant <3 If you ever find yourself in New Jersey, and don't mind the crowd or loud spanish music, stop by for some authentic Cuban cuisine!

14. Preserve your back. If your back goes out, you can’t do anythinggggg.

15. If a work environment has become toxic, find a new job. Don’t be like the rest of the people at your job who complain about it every single day, but still have been working there for the past 10 years and have no real intention on leaving. They choose to live unhappy; you don’t have to.

16. Be with someone who shares your values, not just respects them.

17. You can’t live happy living your life for other people.

18. You cannot please everyone.

19. You shouldn’t go through your day trying to be better than Becky, Jane, or Alicia. Go through your day trying to be better than the person you were yesterday.

20. Church is for everyone!

21. People who can’t bother to understand you are not worthy of being called your friend. okkurtt.

22. You can’t choose the deck you’ve been given, but you can choose how you play the cards.

23. Female friendships are valuable and important. A lot of us like to pride ourselves in having only guy friends, because they bring less drama, BUT there truly is nothing like having a sister friend. 🌸

24. Do not just automatically take advice at face value. Sometimes people give advice based on what they would do in the situation, not considering that you are two different people with potentially different routines, upbringings, socioeconomic status, personalities etc.

Welp, that's all I got for yuh for now!

I'm hoping that year 25 will be fulfilling, full of growth, and overflowing with great new experiences!

Hablamos Pronto,



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