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It’s A New Year … LET’s JOURNAL!

Hola Amores! Let’s talk about Journaling!

Journaling has become a way for me to focus, re-focus, gain clarity, and most of all, release. When your girl is going through it, journaling works as a healthy coping mechanism. And when things are going well, journaling helps me stay centered. Many times I’ve even used my journal pages as a place to pray. When my thoughts are overtaking me and I’m struggling to stay focused during my prayers, or when I’m exhausted and closing my eyes for two seconds causes me to sleep, I write my journals to God as my prayers. If journaling is not your thing, that’s okay, but if it is, or if you want to give it a try, I encourage you to journal with me for the next two weeks. I’ve created a 2 week journal prompt list in an effort to foster self-reflection as we begin, or continue, working on our respective journeys. I would like to point out that I designed these for the morning/day time, but if you are going to journal in the evening, you can adjust as you need. Also, there are indeed bible verses present. I like to read the English Standard Version because it is sometimes easier to understand than the King James Version, but you should use whichever version is best for you.

Alright, Let’s get Journalinggg!

Hablamos Pronto :)

2 Week January Journal Prompts

Jan 6: In what ways do you want this year to be different ?

Jan 7: What motivates you to go through each day?

Jan 8: What is one thing you will do today that will help you reach your goals? Why is it important?

Jan 9: Read Mark 11:23 and Psalm 37:4. What do you feel?

Jan 10: What negative thoughts are holding you back form moving forward?

Jan 11: What are some things you want people to be able to say about you?

Jan 12: Write a list of things you love about yourself.

Jan 13: Write three things that inspired you from your day yesterday and why

Jan 14: Read Micah 6:8. How will you realistically let it guide you today?

Jan 15: Write down any thoughts, whether good or bad, and any burdens on your heart

Jan 16: What are you thankful for?

Jan 17: What does success look like for you?

Jan 18: Where does God fit into your current journey?

Jan 19: What makes you happy about this time in your life?


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