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Make It Worth It

Today, I want to talk to you about waiting ---- no, no, I'm not talking about sex before marriage, though it is an important topic. I'm talking about the waiting season.

Recently, I found myself in an interesting position in life. I'd become quite frustrated because God had shown me what my future could be like, but it didn't seem like I was making any real steps toward it. I knew I didn't want to make any decisions by myself, in an effort to take things in my own hands, so 'stand still until His will is clear' is what I told myself to do. However, I was frustrated and confused on what that looked like. The place I was in had been becoming increasingly uncomfortable, which I believed (and still believe) was God's doing, yet the place He was taking me was afar off. So there I was, stuck. Clear that I couldn't stay in the same place, but so unclear on what the next step was to be. Have you ever felt like that??

One night I took to time to cry, rant, and plead with God. After all this, I finally said, 'okay, I need a miracle, Lord, something's gotta give', and I went to sleep. The next morning, prompted by the Holy Spirit, I reminded myself that my being awake meant God still had work for me to do. In hindsight, that was miracle enough, but I didn't recognize that at the time. I would go on to spend the day running errands with a visiting family friend, who, knowing nothing of my frustration with God, would open my eyes to realities I never thought about ---- thank you God for that second miracle!

Through conversation about various topics, it came out that delay could very well be because I was not yet ready to be in the future God showed me. In the in-between season, in which I still currently find myself, there are ways I need to grow, and lessons I need to learn, so that I could execute the vision in the way God intended. If I were to do so now, there's high potential it wouldn't have the full impact He designed. It was this revelation that helped me get unstuck. So what am I doing now? I'm learning all the things.

While I'm waiting for my next, I'm maximizing the time spent in the place I'm in. Specifically for me, that looks like learning all I can about the passions God has been opening up within me. What I learn will gradually lift me from where I am to the next series of steps in God's plan. The learning is what makes the wait worth it.

Often times individuals find themselves waiting for God's next while doing nothing. God is a purposeful, intentional God, so I would venture to say that with Him, no waiting season is to be wasted. Unless God has said, or shown, that you are already in the proper waiting season position, it's time to get moving. While you wait, learn. That may look like increased Bible study centered around topics you question, or that intrigue you. It also may look like asking God to reveal to you what qualities in you that need growing, and then practicing those things. Maybe it would be for you what it is for me, reading and researching about the new fires God has placed within you.

Amigos, the wait is for a reason. Don't waste it by complaining. Don't waste it with inaction. Don't waste it with disobedience. The last thing you should want is for God to let you take your unsurrendered heart in a different direction, because you refused to wait fo the perfect 'next' from Him. God's next is always better, our job is to listen and make the wait worth it.

Hablamos Pronto,

Jesseñia Melise


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