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New Year, Better Vision

Hola Amores!

What better way to start a new year than with a vision board?! Its a new year and hopefully you’ve learned many lessons from the last one. A vision board is a great way to visually remind yourself of your goals; it can serve as a reminder for where you are and where you are headed.

*This is not my picture / vision board, but is a close visual representation of what mine looks like.

I love to collage, so I usually collage my vision boards, but you can do it however you choose. This year, I’ve done something new — a digital vision board. Instead of printing my 2019 vision board, and hanging it on my wall, I've decided to save it as my laptop screen saver. Because I want to keep my personal goals a bit private, I will not post my actual 2019 board, BUT for those of you who want to see how I usually do my vision boards, I included an old video of how I made my 2018 vision board. Some prepare vision boards in steps, but my method includes just one step — choose what speaks to you, what represents the you you want to be. No matter the type of vision board you create, or the method you use to create it, make sure you are being true to yourself. When creating your vision board let it truly represent a better version of YOURSELF, rather than someone else. Remember, be your own kind of beautiful!

Hablamos Pronto :)


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