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Relationship Goals

It's wedding season and I'm feeling all the feels!! Weddings bring joy, excitement, and sometimes a bit of stress (okay, a lot of stress if you're the one planning). They make you reminisce on the past and bring hope for the future. Whether you are a planner, guest, or apart of the wedding party, a wedding sure does make one think; and today I'm thinking about relationship goals.

I'm sure everyone at some point has seen a relationship they admire. Maybe you've thought about what to do to get to your goal, and probably even what not to do as well. No matter which healthy relationship you find yourself admiring, there is one thing that the secrets to their success is built upon...communication!!

Most folks in any type of relationship ---- whether friendship, roommate, sibling, spouse etc ---- say love, trust, boundaries, honesty are essential to a thriving relationship. If you say yourself, that these are key, you wouldn't be wrong. But how do each of those qualities come about? Communication. Can you imagine living with someone and only speaking to them 1-2 times per week? I can imagine that relationship wouldn't be abounding in trust. I would even venture to say that after some time, you would say you don't know each other very well. Now apply that same scenario to someone you care deeply about. (I'm not saying you don't care about your roommate, but I recognize that sometimes folks are roommates out of necessity rather than desire.) Let's say you're living with a sibling, or are newly weds living in a new home. What if you only spoke 1-2 times a week. You see each other, wave hi and bye, and maybe even hold a surface level convo. Would you say this describes your relationship goals? Probably not, right? This set up doesn't seem to foster the building of trust, understanding, intimacy, etc.

Communication is foundational!

Communication is the foundational quality of any thriving relationship. It helps build all other characteristics of a healthy relationship ---- and this includes with God. The love is already there, just like with a sibling or romantic relationship, but in order for the relationship to grow, there needs to be good communication. This means not just meeting up with God 1-2 times per week, but talking to Him daily. This may seem like a lot, but there's no limit on how or when you can talk to God. You can talk to Him while you brush your teeth, drive, or do the laundry ---- He's always listening. That is the beauty of God ---- it's not just that you're seeking Him, but He's seeking you! He loves you and wants to be an integral part of your life. He doesn't just want to see you on the weekends, but He wants to commune and abide with you.

I've found that once I increased my communication with God, I felt closer to Him. In fact, it was the first step to changing my life! Now, if I don't spend time daily with Him, I feel foggy and lost. So I encourage you, communicate with your creator and redeemer on the regular. If you're looking for creative ways to spend time with God, click here. And, if you want to reconnect with God, check out these journal prompts.

Communication is key to reaching your relationship goals, even with God. I dare you to talk with Him, accept His call, and watch how your relationship changes 💞. You won't regret it.

Hablamos pronto,

Jesseñia Melise


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