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Songs giving us life in this season.

Hola Amigos,

This season has been a rough one for us all! Our lives have been impacted by both COVID-19 and racial inequality whether directly or indirectly. I was listening to one of my new podcasts, 'Switch Code', and the hosts did an episode of songs that are lifting them out of the heavy feeling this season has brought. I figured I'd do the same with a couple of friends, but with inspirational / spiritual songs instead. Since you may not know my friends, included is a little bit about their blogs/platforms. Go ahead, click a link, listen to a song, and let's get lifted! 🙌🏾💞

My Songs:

Meet Zhara:

She writes, "These songs always help me to get out of a heavy space. I always lean on his promises because I’m assured that although I’m a sinner, His grace is sufficient and He’ll make a way for me. I try to use my platform for just that, to spread the joy that God has given me in a practical way. Knowing that He manifests himself outside of the walls of church, I wanted to ensure that I do my part to make Him seen and understood."

Song Picks:

Meet Elyse:

She writes, "This is Elyse is a blog that is all about helping you to become the best version of yourself by being real, unique and just by being you. I share moments in my life and how they have helped me grow and becoming the best version of myself. We are all about loving each other and growing through inspiration, lifestyle and devotional posts

Song Picks:

We shared these songs so that we can all have some stability and peace during tough seasons. This season WILL pass, but another will eventually come, so lets build healthy habits that get us through. I encourage you to make a playlist of songs that speak life to your soul. Play those songs whenever you're down, in your head, or even simply when you need a jumpstart! If you have a sister, cousin, friend, shoot if you know anyone that needs a boost, share this post with them. Also, remember to check on your 'strong friend', we need some love too!

Hablamos pronto,

Jesseñia Melise


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