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30 Day Inner Healing Journal Prompt Challenge

Hola Amigos,

The need to establish self-care habits or routines is at all time high. Wherever you turn, someone is talking about ways to take care of oneself. Right now, especially, we see women saying they are in their "soft era" meaning they are no longer striving to be "the strong one". No matter what life season you find yourself in, though, one thing cannot be denied -- if you want to make a change, inner work is required.

Today my focus is not outward self-care, but inner self-care, inner healing. The reason we may often find ourselves living emotionally charged, or regularly triggered, is because we are holding onto past trauma, or experiences, that we need to work through, and in some cases let go of. This is relevant not just for someone who has been abused, but for anyone who has been hurt in one way or another -- and has some healing to do. I've put together this list of journal prompts for those who are looking to do the work towards inner healing.

Disclaimer: this is not meant to replace therapy, but is simply a tool to get thoughts and emotions out to the surface to be dealt with. If you are in therapy, what you journal may be helpful to bring up in a session. If you aren't in therapy, after journaling certain things, you may decide to start.

No matter the headspace you are starting in, these prompts can help you better understand, and confront, what's going on inside. There are 30 prompts so that you can do this as a monthly challenge, but really these can be done at any time.

Happy journaling!

1. What is motivating you to make a change?

2. Invite Jesus on your journey and tell Him what you need from Him.

3. Reflect on Psalm 147:3,5.

4. Who do you hold a grudge against? What's preventing you from letting the grudge go?

5. Health can be summarized as the harmony of one's physical, mental, social, and spiritual well- being. What does that look like for you?

6. What boundaries do you need to establish, or re-establish, with those in your life?

7. What has recently triggered you and why?

8. What unhealthy coping mechanisms do you need to let go of? Why haven't you already?

9. Take the time to encourage yourself on this journey.

10. What burden is on your heart today?

11. Who in your life has revealed themself to be a safe person?

12. Who in your life has revealed themself to be an unsafe person?

13. What do you blame yourself for that isn't your fault? After reflection, give yourself permission not to blame yourself anymore.

14. Read John 14:27. How does it make you feel to know that God desires for you to live in peace?

15. What's something positive that you recently learned, or re-affirmed, about yourself?

16. What do you regret? How would you act differently if you were given a second chance?

17. Where do you draw your strength from?

18. What do you want to accomplish that fear / anxiety is unnecessarily holding you back from?

19. What unhealthy habit did you give into recently and why? What can you do differently next time?

20. Despite the trials, what are you grateful for?

21. Read John 10:10. What lies have you allowed yourself to believe that are destroying you?

22. Read John 10:10. How does it make you feel to know that God wants you to be full of life and to have a full life?

23. What victories have you had recently? How did you celebrate?

24. What qualities do you want others to recognize in you?

25. What one thing can you do to take better care of yourself?

26. What areas of your life do you need to surrender to God?

27. What do you need to forgive yourself for?

28. When you look in the mirror what do you see? What do you want to see?

29. Read and reflect on Romans 8:35-39.

30. Write as many positive qualities about yourself as you can think of.

You've reached the end of this journal prompt set, but not the end of your journey. Let this be a catalyst of more healing to come! If you are interested in more journal prompts, click here. Much love, and be well ✨

Hablamos Pronto,

Jesseñia Melise

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19. Aug. 2022

Very beneficial timely and engaging content. I absolutely support self care.

Gefällt mir
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