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Different Ways To Meditate on God's Word

We should be regularly going to God's word, and meditating on it, for power, for development, and for our spiritual sustenance overall. Psalm 1 is one of my favorite reminder of the beautiful benefit of writing God's word on your heart. But to some, maybe you, that seems like a daunting task. You may think the Bible is boring, or maybe you feel like it's hard to understand, so why bother?

The Bible is there to connect us to the one and true God, and in it is found many many gems. Yes I know some concepts are hard to understand, while others are hard to connect to our everyday life, however, for these ideas to become understandable to us, we must meditate on them. But what does that look like?

When I talk about meditating on God's word, I don't just mean get on the floor, close your eyes and just sit. Meditation is a focused thinking. So, even if you do decide to sit on the floor, close your eyes, and cross your legs, it isn't meditating on God's word unless you are thinking about those very words. If this is the type of meditating that best suits you, GREAT, but I'm here to share some other ways that you can thoughtfully write God's word on your heart — ways that you can think on and memorize Scripture.

Listen to Scripture Songs

There are many songs that are catchy, whose lyrics are derived and/or inspired from Bible verses. Learning these songs can help with scripture memorization. In terms of meditation, I like to get in a comfortable position, put on a playlist and intentionally listen to every lyric. I especially do this while I crochet. Some folks think a lot while they drive, I do so when I crochet. To get some song ideas, here’s one of my Spotify playlists.

Color / Paint Scripture

Another “outside of the box” way to meditate, that is mindfully think, on scripture is to color or paint it. As you do so, you can think about its implications in your life and/or memorize it as you go along. I was a gifted an adult coloring book from a friend/mentor, that helps me to do this easily. On the left side of the page is the scripture printed at the top, with lines below for me to write down thoughts as I reflect on the verse. On the right side of the page is the scripture and illustrations for me to color in. As I color, I think about the scripture, try to memorize it, and write down any thoughts that stem from it.

S.O.A.P. Note

I’ve found that the S.O.A.P. Bible study method is a great way to study the Word. When studying a passage, this method helps to dissect what is in front of you, and how it applies to your life. Fortunately, I’ve already created a short video that details the process! You can find it here, or on my IGTV.

Scripture Wall

A scripture wall is exactly what it sounds like — a wall with scriptures on it. I have a small space next to my bed, behind my curtains, where I have scriptures written on post-it notes. These are verses from study, or reading, that stand out to me, and I want to remember. When I need a special word from God, or want to feel closer to Him, I sit in front of the wall of scriptures, and read each one. It centers me, and reminds me of who God is and what He has to say about my life. No I don’t have a verse for every situation, but whenever I go, the verses are always helpful. It just goes to show how relevant, timeless, and broad God’s word is. Writing the scriptures, and reading them relatively often, helps with memorization and recall.

In order to build a relationship with Christ, one must understand Him, and what He desires of us. This understanding, as opposed to just knowledge, comes from meditating on God's word. I hope these ideas have encouraged you to find ways to do just that! Try out a technique or two, and let me know what works for you!

Hablamos Pronto,

Jesseñia Melise


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