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Because You Can’t Be A Potato Every Day

In a previous post, I mentioned that I work nights. Working nights takes a toll on you, not just physically, but especially mentally/emotionally. When I get off work in the morning, the only thing I want to do is eat and sleep - sometimes I don't even want to eat. When I do awake in the mid-afternoon, I have little motivation to do anything except be a potato. My body is still tired and I'm mentally tired form cart-wheeling through my feelings in the wee hours of the mornings (lets be honest - from 2-4 in the morning you feel every emotion heavy - heavier than you would at 3 in the afternoon). One look at my to-do list and I want to go back to sleep. In order to be productive, I've created a playlist of songs that make me want to attack my day and to keep it moving (because of the lyrics, the music, or both).

Laundry is almost always on my to-do list

Whether you work nights or not, I am sure there's been a time where you just didn't want to do the day. Maybe today is one of those days. If it is, if you've ever been there, or even if you just want more music, keep reading.

*I should probably note that these songs are in no particular order.

Song #1: Keep the Fight in Me by Prince Tai, Mom and Dad

Favorite Lyrics:

I should be dead sleeping in my grave But You got me here cause You got somebody to save It ain't about me, I learned that real quick Bend my knees and lift my hands high, cause You deserve it If I give into sin, I've let satan win And I refuse to give up that easy

Song #2: I'm on the Rise by Jekalyn Carr

Favorite Lyrics:

Every word that God releases over your life

the enemy will try to come against it

He knows you were born with a purpose

So the enemy will tell you that you're worthless

He knows you're the chosen of the covenant

So he tries to show you the opposite

And he's really been after your anointing

But you gotta proclaim "the devil can't hold me cuz I'M ON THE RISE!"

Song #3: I Got That by Anthony Brown & group therAPy

Favorite Lyrics:

When I think of all the stuff I had to go through just so I could be here today It always reminds me Go ahead and be thankful Cuz I know my blessing's on the way

Song #4: Won't He do it by Koryn Hawthrone

Favorite Lyrics:

They try to break me try to take me out But I got Jesus on my side Felt so bad I thought I would die But ain't no power stronger than the one That came and laid down his life And I got mountains to climb But the enemy can't stop me 'Cause there's a calling on my life

Song #5: Joy Unspeakable by Jalisa Faye

Favorite Lyrics:

Song #6: Already Won by Tye Tribbett

Favorite Lyrics:

Why should I ever fear the giant Just because he stands mighty and strong When I serve the God who's even bigger And to Him this giant is small So tell me who can stand before us When we call on the greatest name Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus That's the name that's mighty to save I've already won

Song #7: Gonna Be A Lovely Day by Kirk Franklin

Favorite Lyrics:

I know you going through some stuff now Feeling rough now, feel like givin' up now But how can you learn if you don't fall But how can you walk if first you don't crawl


Lord just one thought of you and I know it's gonna be a lovely day

Song #8: I'm Blessed by Charlie Wilson, T.I.

Favorite Lyrics:

Ask me how I'm doing, I'm blessed, yes Living every moment, no regrets Smile up on my face, I'm like oh yes I'm blessed yes, I'm blessed yes

Song #9: Champion by Darwin Hobbs

Favorite Lyrics:

I am a winner I am victorious I can do all things Yes, I can I am triumphant Nothing is holding me I overcome by the blood of the Lamb

Song #10: Hold On by The Walls Group

Favorite Lyrics:

There are times when you have to cry And there are times when you wanna ask why So don't let go of his unchanging hand Cause I guarantee my God will be there on time

Honorable Mentions:

*These are not songs but are motivational tracks that I truly find... MOTIVATIONAL! They really make me feel like I can slay the day!!

I Will Fight - Steven Furtick

I Can Handle It - Steven Furtick


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