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I Am My Ancestors' Wildest Dream

For awhile I had felt like I hadn't accomplished much. I felt that I wasn't reaching higher heights and that there was not much to be proud of. Last year (Jan. 2019), I graduated from nursing school and this was exactly how I was feeling. I did not announce the news, I did not go to graduation, I did not take graduation pictures, friends, I did not even buy a cap and gown (until 7 months later for an education program at church). But now a year later, reflecting on my life up until this point, and especially during Black History Month, I realize I can be happy and proud of my journey. In fact, I am my ancestors' wildest dreams.

Though I haven't reached what some people might view as "the pinnacle of success", there is much that I have accomplished that Black men and women have fought for. Folks were beaten, raped, and lynched by their oppressors, while I've spent most of my life with my head in the books. Black folk couldn't catch a proper break, and in between my sudies, I traveled to different continents and worked in positions that would later jump start my career. AND I worked for actual wages, as opposed to being seen as property or less than human. Though I may come across folks who are bothered by my skin tone, I can continue minding my own business, because their whiteness doesn't give an authority over me. For all this, I have the men and women who have come before to thank. They fought what for them was an endless fight. But their fight was a fight that allowed me to be able to be recognized in the workplace, travel the world, read what I desire, and get married without fear of being torn apart. They fought so that their beautiful black babies could have an opportunity not to be a slave, to live free, and be able to READ. And here I stand now with two degrees, certifications under my belt, and a limitless future ahead.

To the reader who feels unsuccessful like I had, you have accomplished much even though you dont always recognize. Don't let these thoughts hinder you from pushing towards your goals, but also, don't allow them to fuel you for a pseudo-success that wont bring you happiness. And to my beautiful Black readers, I see you boo 😘 You are unstoppable! Don't let anyone take away that #BlackGirlMagic or #BlackBoyJoy. You are strong and resilient, capable of far more than others even imagine, and don't you ever forget it!! 💞 You are your ancestors' wildest dreams!

Hasta Luego,

Jesseñia Melise


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